Utah Basket Brigade

Monday November 20, 2017 5p-8p
Location: Monticello Academy, West Valley UT


The Basket Brigade delivers a full Thanksgiving (meal) gift basket to hundreds of families every year. IT’S A BLAST!

The event was inspired by Tony Robbin’s real-life Thanksgiving charity experience as a child.



The founders of the Utah Basket Brigade (Krista Palmer, Brent Palmer, Janet Barton, Dani McNair, Jaylyn Theobald, Gayle DeGraff – 5 siblings, their mom, and their spouses) first volunteered at a Basket Brigade hosted in Las Vegas November 2008.

Savoring the “after-service glow” over dinner, they realized it didn’t make any sense to provide Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets for families in Las Vegas with so many in need within their own community of Southern Utah. Before dinner was done, the Utah Basket Brigade was born.

That first year many wonderful volunteers helped raise enough funds to provide 65 baskets to Southern Utah families. Since the inception of the Utah Basket Brigade nearly 1,000 families in Washington County have received this gift of love.

This year we are THRILLED to be launching the Utah Basket Brigade in the Salt Lake area, and look forward to serving the northern Utah community for many years to come!  

But don’t just READ about it. You have to “experience” the Basket Brigade to really understand it. Every year we have volunteers who deliver meals then come back to us and say, “that was the greatest experience our family has ever had…can we PLEASE come back next year?” As we deliver these gifts to these families we see in their faces the hope it brings to know that they have been remembered this holiday season, and that they are loved!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

– The Founding Board



Thank you for your desire to participate in the 2017 Utah Basket Brigade!
If you have never participated in a Basket Brigade before we promise you are in for an unforgettable experience!


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THANK YOU for donating! The exciting part about your financial gift is that you know exactly where it’s going – to feed (and delight!) a LOCAL family this Thanksgiving.  The cost of each basket is just $40, how many families can you sponsor?

Utah Basket Brigade has No Administrative Costs, 100% of your donations benefit local families. All donations are tax deductible and processed via PayPal through “Giving Medium”, a 501c3.

If you’d like to give a donation amount OUTSIDE of our online platform please call or email us: 801-290-1038 or UtahBasketBrigade@gmail.com.



Do you know someone who is in physical, financial or emotional crisis?  They ALL count!  Last year we were able to serve 220 families and many were not necessarily financially destitute but were in a place of crisis.  Even more than the meal they needed the LOVE that comes with this hand-delivered gift.

We wouldn’t be able to have this wonderful event if members of the community didn’t nominate families in need.  Please help support this event by letting us know who we can serve.

Don’t be shy, if you think there is a need, THERE IS A NEED!  If in doubt please email UtahBasketBrigade@gmail.com with questions.